UIC Government Services Subsidiaries Awarded Projects

UIC Governments Services, LLC subsidiaries have had a busy spring winning multiple project awards with the federal government.

Bowhead Program Management & Operations, LLC (BPMO) was awarded a one-year contract with the United States Coast Guard. BPMO will provide program support services, including training, technical assistance, and transportation/shipping services in support of Excess Defense Article Ship Transfer Projects. These services may include replacement equipment procurement and installation, ship alterations and modifications, preventive and corrective maintenance, consolidated shipboard allowance list parts procurement and stocking, consumable and stores procurement and stocking, petroleum, oil and lubricants procurement and delivery, ammunition procurement and delivery, ship chandlery/husbandry services, and dockside and underway training services.

Bowhead Communications Services, LLC (BCS) was awarded a Department of Homeland Security five-year contract to provide document management support services for the Principle Legal Advisors Network non-personnel services for case management support, i.e., support in mail, records, file management, e-service, and clerical support to the Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA). The location of services to be performed will be nationwide at OPLA’s offices of Chief Counsel.

Bowhead Logistics Solutions, LLC (BLS) was awarded a one-year contract with the U.S. Department of Transportation in support of the National Highway Safety Association, in its need to better manage highway safety data and facilitate the analysis of that data. To this end, BLS is working with the National Center for Statistics and Analysis to gather the requirements for a modernized data query tool, updating and standardizing data to serve as input for this new tool, and designing and developing a working version of the tool based on the requirements gathered. This is a software development project that will cover the entire life-cycle, from requirements gathering to post-production.