Opportunity Alaska: China Trade Mission

Tech giant Alibaba Group joins Opportunity Alaska: China Trade Mission

Governor Walker announces an additional stop to allow Alaska business to interact with global powerhouse

JUNEAU, March 27th, 2018 – Governor Bill Walker announced that the scope of Opportunity Alaska: China Trade Mission has expanded to include meetings and networking with Chinese company Alibaba Group.

The State of Alaska’s trade mission in China will include a visit to Alibaba’s Xixi campus in Hangzhou. Meetings at the company’s headquarters and a visit to one of their flagship Hema stores will give Alaska companies a chance to step behind the curtain of the world’s most valuable retailer. Businesses will network with executives, learn how Alibaba uses technology to redefine consumer experiences and get access to the largest global markets.

“I was honored to meet Jack Ma, Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group during a state dinner in Beijing hosted by President Xi,” Governor Walker said. “The company is an economic force, and I’m excited to have Alaska business owners’ benefit from the visit to Alibaba operations.”

Three types of opportunities stand out for Alaska companies: the demand for fresh food – especially live seafood – is growing rapidly among Alibaba’s 580 million monthly users, the demand for nutraceuticals such as lotions are also growing, and the company’s payment platform, Alipay, is the largest in the world. As Chinese tourism increases, Alaska merchants familiar with Alipay can tap into new markets at home and abroad.

The trade mission will take place from May 19 to 26, with the additional stop scheduled for May 27 to 28.