Bowhead Marine Support Services

Bowhead Marine Support Services, LLC (BMSS) provides quality and comprehensive marine and shoreside services on passenger, freight and research projects world-wide.

Key Capabilities

  • Maritime Vessel Operations and Maintenance
  • Port and Harbor Operations
  • Vessel Manning Support Services
  • Shore Side Vessel Maintenance and Maintenance Facility Operations
  • Custom Modification of Vessels and Systems to Meet Mission and Training

Maritime Support Services

  • Ship and Craft Operations
  • Onboard Marine Maintenance
  • Shipboard Maintenance Systems Management
  • Maintenance Capability Assessments
  • Specialty Craft Operations and Maintenance
  • Maritime Environmental Monitoring and Survey Vessel Operations and Charter
  • Crewed Vessel Charters
  • International Ship/Craft Deliveries
  • Maritime Passenger Ferry Services

Shoreside Support Services

  • Port and Harbor Operations Management
  • Oil/Fuel Spill Response and Clean-up
  • Shoreside Equipment Operations and Maintenance
  • Maritime Maintenance and Logistics Systems Implementation and Management
  • Shoreside Vessel Maintenance Facility Operations
  • Vessel Custom Modifications in Support of Specialty Missions
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • Maritime Training & Professional Support Services


Industry Classifications

DUNS No: 080504349

Primary NAICS Codes: 488310

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